Hi  welcome to my new website. So glad you stopped by!

My hope is that as I learn more  about affiliate marketing, there will be lots to share with you.  because I have a passion for learning affiliate marketing.

Everyone knows there’s great potential for this type of niche. Because of the rise of global internet use and fast delivery through online purchasing.  Millions of people have laptops and mobile devices that make it possible to buy and sell millions of products and services on a global scale.

The potential for making a great income and working for yourself has never been greater.  You can work from your device from anywhere you want to.

So as I learn I will teach you step by step everything I’ve learned thus far.  I want to help you reach your potential.  I admit I don’t know much yet, but as I’ve said I will share with you everything I know.

I invite you to participate in this journey with me.  You and I have questions and answers.  Please visit my first few posts and if you have any thoughts, questions or just feedback about my site. Please let me know.


What I Have Learned About Internet Marketing 2017-2018

When I first had the thought of starting my own business back in April 2017, I had absolutely no knowledge about online marketing.
Have you ever thought you could learn how to build a website easily and start earning huge commissions within 6 months? And how did you think it would all work out? Did you think it would be easy to make good money?

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The Owners of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson

In 2005, 2 young gentlemen from Canada named Kyle and Carson started a company called Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson gained much knowledge and expertise from their online experience. With that said they decided to create a small website to help others be successful by their example.  It was just a keyword list membership offering high-value keywords for pay per click campaigns.

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