The Owners of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson

How Wealthy Affiliate StartedKyle and Carson - Owners of Wealthy Affiliate

In 2005,  2 young gentlemen from Canada named Kyle and Carson started a company called Wealthy Affiliate. It was just a keyword list membership offering high-value keywords for pay per click campaigns.

Kyle and Carson gained much knowledge and expertise from their online experience. With that said they decided to create a small website to help others be successful by their example.

I don’t understand why there’s so much negativity about these guys.  I mean, I see YouTube videos portraying them as “internet scams” which are simply not true.

Kyle and Carson are the most wonderful, talented and caring individuals I have ever met.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with these guys.

They had the vision to create a training platform which included a forum and some training where others can learn to do what they learned.

For over 10 years Wealthy Affiliate has gained unprecedented popularity, with over 1 million members.

In 2018  they continue to develop and expand their website membership to feature the best technology, tools and training available anywhere on the internet.

It keeps getting better and better!

Thank you Kyle and Carson. 🙂



My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review

Wealthy Affiliate LogoHi and thank you for stopping by!  I hope you’ll read my honest Wealthy Affiliate review to see if a membership is right for you.

Are you interested in learning how to do internet marketing? Are you looking for a way to pay your bills? Would you love to travel and work while you do?

Are you someone who would like to start an online business and work on your own schedule?

If you have the motivation to work hard and are interested in learning internet marketing then Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place to start.

After reading this review I hope you’ll take it for a test drive and see if it’s right for you.

It doesn’t cost anything to join to become a member. The starter membership is free. No credit card is needed for a free starter membership.

I encourage you to join and have a look around to see if it’s a good opportunity for you.

Have you always had an interest in learning affiliate marketing, but wasn’t sure how to be successful with it?

When I first started learning the skills there just wasn’t enough support or was difficult to understand and implement.

Nowhere will you find an online training platform that offers so much in terms of training, support, and community. I joined as a Starter Member for Free.  

Click here for your free membership

What’s included:

• 2 free websites hosted with WordPress on the Siterubix  platform
• Access to 12 design themes for your website
• Live support (7 days)
• Website Backup
• Beginner Training Course
• Personal Blog on the WA site
• Affiliate Bootcamp – Phase 1
• Video Walkthroughs
• Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
• 1 on 1 Coaching (1st 7 days)

I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over 10 months. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned about affiliate marketing by following the training, in such a short period of time.

This review will give you a taste of what WA has to offer.

I’ve already joined the Amazon Associates Affiliate program and am now learning how to promote products and services for great commissions.

The starter membership offers all of the above. It’s a test drive to see if it’s right for you. Of course, you’ll get much more when you go Premium.

I loved WA so much I’ve decided to join as a Premium Member. It costs $49 per month. You’ll get the first month for only $19. (Yes you will need a credit card)

You’ll save even more with a Yearly Membership. The cost is $359 per year. It’s a saving of $29.91 per month.

If at all, under any circumstances, you’re not happy for any reason whatsoever, you’ll definitely get a refund – GUARANTEED!!  No questions asked.

      My Number 1 Recommendation:                       Wealthy Affiliate

Before I go into the review I want to totally be honest with you about WA. It’s not a scam. You’re probably thinking, “Why should I invest my money for this?”

Believe me, I totally understand how you feel. There are so many dishonest people on the internet trying to “sell you”.

There’s no interest in helping you achieve your goals. They’re simply trying to make a fast buck from you. That’s it.

Hey, that’s not me. I sincerely want to help you succeed in starting your own profitable online business you can be very proud of.

I honestly and truly believe we can work well with each other. I’ll always be here for you. Please trust me. Thank you!  🙂

As with anything in life it takes dedication and hard work to be successful.

There are many people who’ve made successful businesses from starting with Wealthy Affiliate. You definitely can too.

Here’s a video walkthrough of the Wealthy Affiliate Website 

Note: The link will open in a new tab. Please scroll down the new tab page for the video. Then come back to this review.Video Walkthrough

The Training

1.  Online Entrepreneur Certification Training Course

This is a 10 lesson course that’s designed to help you learn how to start your own successful and profitable online business.

You’ll follow the step by step training to build your foundation.

Every valuable lesson is structured in a way that is fun, interactive and easy to understand.

It includes lists that you check off, as you complete all the steps necessary to accomplish your goals in a logical sequence.

Some lessons include video walkthroughs if you’re more visual than a reader.

At the end of each lesson, there is a comments section where you can read, share thoughts, and ask questions relevant to the lessons and training.

It’s a great way to get to know and engage with other WA members in the community.

When you’re trying to build your online business you need all the help you can get. You’ll get the help you need at Wealthy Affiliate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Entrepreneur Certification Training

Course Benefits

• Learn how to make money online
• Create your financial goals and work toward them
• Easily build your OWN website with WordPress
• Learn how to create content on your website
• Understand what a niche is and choose the best one for  your  business
• Learn keyword research and set up your website for  search  engines (SEO)

2. Live Weekly Training Webinars – 52 Sessions per year

Every Friday at 8 pm Jay Neill does an excellent live training session covering a variety of topics, in great detail, involving all aspects of online marketing.

If you are a beginner, or a seasoned marketer you will definitely benefit greatly from Jay’s experience and expertise.

At the end of each session, there’s a live Q & A.

Don’t worry. If you miss the live training, you can watch the replay anytime on the following day.

Live Training Webinar

Experience the Powerful Training 

Live Training Benefits

• Expert instructor who demonstrates his knowledge and expertise
• Every session is live every Friday at 8 pm
• Covers every imaginable topic on internet marketing
• Entertaining and fun to watch
• Live chat with WA members during the session
• A replay of the training session is available anytime
• A quick learning solution
• Live Q and A at the end of each session

3.  Classrooms

The Classrooms menu is a great way to find updated, trending topics,  and discussions associated with the training.


Classroom Details

Each classroom features

• Questions and Answers
• Tutorials
• Video
• Courses

Below is a link to a video, where Kyle (owner) explains the whole concept of classrooms. Enjoy! 🙂

Link To Classroom Video Page

Benefits of Using the Classrooms

• Gain valuable insight into internet marketing
• Find ways to be creative with your business
• Get totally involved with interesting discussions with other members
• Ask questions and find easy solutions to your problems
• Be helpful to other members who might benefit
• Have a great time getting to know the community of  wonderful and caring  WA members.

You’ll find lots of great success stories for motivation and inspiration.

Join the Classrooms Today and Introduce Yourself               

4. Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp and Affiliate Program

In addition to the incredibly valuable training, your WA membership has to offer, WA has its own affiliate program.

They offer you a great opportunity for you to earn while you learn.

You’ll earn substantial commissions by referring new members to join.

Starter members earn $4.00 for the first month for each referral, with the $19.00 special offer discount.

$11.75 monthly and $87.50 in commissions for the yearly membership.

Premium members receive $8.00 monthly for every signup on the $19.00 special offer 1st-month discount. $23.50 monthly recurring and $175.00 yearly recurring.

The Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp is designed to get you up to speed by providing you with the best training available. Here’s what you’ll learn:

Bootcamp LessonsYou’ll see just how easy it is to build your beautiful website with WordPress step by step on the impressive SiteRubix hosting platform.

You’ll learn all about plugins and how they positively affect the design and functionality of your website.

Affiliate Bootcamp will teach you also how to set up your site for search engine optimization (SEO). This is extremely helpful and important for your business.

You’ll learn exactly how to research and select the right keywords for your content.

We’ll show you how to rank on the first page in Google, Yahoo, and Bing with the right keywords. This lesson is one of my favorites!

And so much more, with lessons and training being updated frequently.

Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Benefits

• Easy to learn how to build a beautiful website with WordPress
• Research keywords and use them effectively
• Set up your website for SEO
• You will learn how to promote your WA website on  Twitter, Facebook, etc.
• Earn great commissions by referring new members

                  Start Getting Referrals and Earn $ While You Learn

The Tools

The SiteRubix Platform

The Siterubix Platform is known for its reliable technology.  It is by far, the most advanced tool for managing websites and hosting.

It was developed by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate,  Kyle and Carson.

 If you’re new please don’t worry too  much about the complexity of it.

Just know you’re in good hands, all your sites are secure, and protected from spam and viruses thanks to SiteRubix.  Your sites are backed up daily for added protection as well.

Summary of SiteRubix Features

Site Manager – Access your sites

This is where you’ll log in to your sites with your user name and password.

Site Builder –  Build your website with WordPress

This is where you’ll  build a new website.   You’ll see many “themes” to choose from.   WordPress  makes it really easy to design your website.

You don’t really need any coding or programming experience to build a great looking site.

Site Domains – Find, register and manage your domains                                   Find available domains for your site. (.com, .org, .net)

You can  transfer your existing sites to and from your SiteRubix platform.

Your site domains are purchased and hosted for a nominal fee of approx. $14 per year. Once you have it it’s yours forever.

Site Content – A very useful writing platform

This editor lets you load templates to work with for your content.  It has a spell checker.  You can create goals and check how many words you write.

I personally like to use my WordPress editor. It seems to be a bit more reliable.

Site Comments – Get comments on your pages and posts

This tool allows you to ask for comments on your website.  It’s useful because you get people to engage on your site, as a source of “social proof”.

You’ll get better rankings and conversions when Google sees there is active engagement on your site

Site Feedback – Get feedback on your sites

It’s nice to know that you don’t have to go it alone. You can get feedback anytime you wish.

This is a tool that allows you to give feedback to sites of other members, in order to receive feedback.

Site Support – Technical support for your websites

If at anytime you are experiencing technical issues  you can ask support for assistance.

They will definitely help you ASAP. Support is working  around the clock to make sure your sites are running  as smoothly as possible.

Sometimes within minutes you’ll get a response.

Live Chat and Private Messaging

Live Chat

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

Jaaxy is an important and useful tool for researching keywords. You’ll be using this tool extensively when creating content for your website, finding a profitable niche and SEO.  If and when you decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll learn just how useful and important this tool is for your business.

Final Words

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading my honest Wealthy Affiliate review.  Did you come away with how this review would be helpful to you?

I really believe you can be successful with affiliate marketing and I want to show you the way.  But then you will need to buckle down and follow the training.

The training will definitely make it so much easier to learn how.

Are you motivated enough to try?

Millions of members have succeeded in owning their own businesses, and are doing well, earning good incomes, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. You can too!

Start for free today.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.  Thank you for reading. 🙂